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Bergamo Airport and City Guide

Italy’s Bergamo Airport, also known as Il Caravaggio International Airport, serves some of Italy’s most memorable locations. Technically located in Orio al Serio, Lombardy – only a couple miles southeast of the town  itself – the airport is only 28 miles north of Milan, between a 45 and 60-minute drive, making it an excellent option for travelers to the city.

The popular Lake Garda is roughly a two-hour drive away, and some of Italy’s most famous ski resorts are located only an hour’s drive from the airport. In 2015, it served almost 10,500,000 passengers, making it the third busiest airport in Italy, unsurprising given the diversity of areas that it serves. Not to mention, the addition of a number of low-cost areas has made it a popular destination for travelers from other parts of Europe.

Depending on your final location, there are a number of transport options to get you there. Taxis can be booked before arrival, so that you know how much it will cost, and buses are great ways to access Milan and other nearby areas. Not to mention, the airport hosts a number of Bergamo car hire companies, making that an easy option as well. If you’re traveling just to Bergamo, the easiest way is on a quick bus trip that runs direct to the city.

The Town of Bergamo: What To Do and See

Spending some time in the town is easy, whether you are embarking on a tour of the region or not. Given that it is only around 15 minutes from the airport, particularly for those who plan to travel to some of the major ski resorts – which can be a few hours drive away – spending a few days in the town is an excellent way to prepare for the journey.

Besides proximity, these are some of the top reasons to visit.

1. History

It is an ancient city, and remnants of buildings and the layout of the city belie this history. There are sites from churches to defensive walls to take in within the city itself.

2. Città alta and Città bassa

The aptly named upper and lower city centers are must-see attractions in the town. The luxurious upper city reflects the area’s medieval history, while the more modern lower city is home to incredible art galleries and shopping.

3. Train and bus service

It is also home to a historic railway station, which can lead to popular regions for skiing and other sights. This can make it a great “home base” for travelers who can’t drive or don’t want to rent a car.

4. Music

It has a rich musical history, spanning centuries past. Today, it honors that history by holding a number of spectacular performances from both famous local natives and other prominent Italian musicians.

5. Art

Besides the lower city’s more contemporary galleries, there are plenty of opportunities to take in famous artworks from throughout history in the town. Famous sculptures and paintings can be found in most of the city’s historic churches and other buildings.

Ski Resorts within easy driving distance of Bergamo Airport

Bergamo Airport is Italy’s third largest, and for good reason. Located close to cosmopolitan Milan as well as being an access point to some of the best skiing available in Italy and surrounding regions, the airport is an important hub in the Lombardy region.

While Bergamo the town is worth a view, and Milan is obviously an attractive place to see, it is the skiing that can be a unique way to experience a different side of Italy. Some of the best resorts in the world are within three hours driving distance from Bergamo Airport, which means you’ll be hitting the slopes and sipping cocoa in no time. These are some of the prime skiing spots in Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland, all easily accessible from Bergamo.

One Hour Drive

The closest skiing spots to Bergamo are only an hour’s drive away, located in the Bergamask Mountain Range – also sometimes called the Bergamo ski area. There are lots of resorts located in the area, and the ski slopes – of which there are around 130 – range in skill level, making the area perfect for skiers of all kinds. The lowest resort in the Bergamask mountains is located at 1,000 meters, while the highest resort is located at 2,300 meters. The area is also popular for cross country and Nordic skiing. There are two main areas for skiing in the Bergamask mountains, Seriana Valley (Val Seriana) and Brembana Valley (Val Brembana).

Popular Seriana Valley resorts:

* Monte Pora: Only an hour from Bergamo airport, it’s a sunny resort with 19 different slopes.
* Colere: Also about an hour from the airport, Colere is one of the highest resorts, with six slopes that are typically great for skiing throughout the season.
* Lizzola: Like Colere, Lizzola’s altitude means snow is always on the 12 slopes.
* Passo della Presolana: This resort can be reached in under an hour if the traffic is right, and is perfect for families and those with no prior skiing experience. With 10 slopes appropriate for both skiers and snowboarders, there is something for everyone.
* Schilpario: For cross country skiing, this resort offers an incredible track that visitors can explore.
* Spiazzi di Gromo: One of the most famous resorts, while Spiazzi is located at a lower altitude, it is famous for beautiful, tree-lined slopes that lend a glorious backdrop to the fun.

Popular Brembana Valley resorts:

* Foppolo: This incredibly popular resort is the largest in the area, and it is easy to access nearby runs from local resorts as well.
* Carona: Next door to Foppolo, Carona is great for beginners, but can also accommodate more experienced ones as well.
* San Simone: A high altitude makes this resort good for guaranteed ground coverage, and it offers families entertainment options for all ages.
* Piazzatorre: While advanced skiers may not find this the best option, it is perfect for families and for those just getting started.

Two Hour Drive

Within two hours of Bergamo airport is access to some of Switzerland’s most beautiful mountain resorts. The Upper Engadin Valley, is a beautiful place to visit, with lakes to enjoy and of course, the surrounding splendor of the Swiss Alps. Engadin remains fairly sunny year-round, which makes it a pleasant place to access skiing.

The Resort of St. Moritz

This historical ski resort area is perhaps one of the most important in the region, having hosted both the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics events. There are plenty of small resort areas that are also nearby, mostly dotting Piz Nair and Piz Corvatsch, two ski areas.

Samedan – Two rivers join in this wide open valley area, the capital of Upper Engadine. This area is home to the highest mountain in the immediate region, and the highest mountain in all of the Eastern Alps – Piz Bernina. Rising to over 4,000 meters in height, it is amazing to see the vistas and to enjoy during the winter.

S-chanf – For something a bit different, this area is home to one of the most famous cross-country skiing races in the world, the Engedin Skimarathon. Nearly 13,000 skiers descend on the area to participate in this feat every year.

Scuol – Located in the Lower Engadine, this incredibly famous ski resort boats an incredible spa, making it one of the top retreats in the Engadine area.

Three Hour Drive

Just three hours from the Bergamo Airport lie northern Italy’s Dolomites, gorgeous mountains that make up the Southern Alps. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009, the Dolomites are an incredible region of Italy to explore, particularly for skiing.

Perhaps the most famous resort in the area is Alta Badia, which soars to great heights, and is home to world-class skiing locations. It has a famous giant slalom course, which is a major focus of the skiing world cup. Val Gardena and Cortina d’Ampezzo are other areas located nearby.

What to See and Do in Milan

Milan is just a short drive in your Bergamo Airport car rental. It is one of the world’s most glamorous cities, whether you are searching for fashion or romance. With cultural offerings year round, historical buildings to take in, and of course, world-famous art and food, it’s not hard to fill up a week’s vacation taking in the sights the city has to offer.


Whether you’re looking for art or science, Milan’s museums cover just about everything. Some of the can’t-miss attractions include:
* Fondazione Prada: The fashion designers honored the city by establishing a museum that highlights some of the best artwork in the world, from the collection and inviting famous artists to participate in solo exhibitions.
* Museu Poldi Pezzoli: Another private collection-turned-museum with a much older history, the Poldi Pezzoli was started in the 19th century to highlight the Pezzoli family holdings, spanning Neoclassical interior designs, to some of the greatest examples of Northern Italian arts available.

CP5AA2 Lombardia - Milano - Museo Poldi Pezzoli, the Black Room

* Biblioteca Ambrosiana: This historical library was founded in the 16th century, making it one of the most complete library collections of early history. Not to mention, artwork from da Vinci, Raphael, and Caravaggio are well-represented within.
* Santa Maria delle Grazie: This 15th century historic church and convent is a UNESCO World Heritage site that famously houses da Vinci’s incredible mural of The Last Supper.
* Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano: Milan’s natural history museum dates back to the 19th century, and holds collections ranging from significant dinosaur fossils to human evolution to local and international ecosystems.
* Sforza Castle: This 15th century structure is one of the largest in Europe, and is home to art collections and museums exhibitions, allowing visitors to take in architectural history and culture.

Art Galleries

Aside from world-class museums, Milan houses some of the best art galleries.
* Giò Marconi: With a history promoting the avant-garde, this gallery is excellent for seeing some of the best and most challenging examples of contemporary art.
* Galleria Bianconi: This gallery is as much a source of education as it is a way to take in some fine art. With a long history of research and well-respected curatorial events, it’s a great place to stop.


Famous Restaurants

There is no shortage of good food in Italy, but the cosmopolitan vibe of Milan offers some world-class dining from top chefs.

* Pasticceria Marchesi : Milan’s oldest (established in 1824) and perhaps most famous café – recently purchased by Prada – is now expanding from its original location, allowing visitors to take in a cocktail or just some pastries, with a mix of modern convenience and old-world history.
* Clandestino Milano: With a Michelin-starred chef, this Maison Machino-related restaurant serves a truly eclectic menu that pushes the boundaries of food.
* Armani/Nobu: If you haven’t noticed a trend, fashion designers in Milan also open some of the best restaurants. The Armani House’s iteration of the world famous sushi restaurant Nobu offers an elegant dining experience – and a chance to rent to Armani Privé space for larger events.

Milan Fashion Week

While Paris and New York hold annual events known around the world, Milan’s Fashion Week – find them in February or March and in September or October, attracts the best-of-the-best. Scoring a ticket to the bigger shows may be hard, but the sheer amount of events means everyone will find a place somewhere.

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